This new finish delivers a refined texture, with extra bling. In this new premium finish, we offer our most popular texture, enhancing it with fine glass beads for extra water color radiance and sparkle.

a radient textured finish


The best of both worlds can be yours with this new, opulent finish. In PebbleEssence, we offer our most-popular, textured PebbleSheen® finish, enhancing it with smooth glass beads for extra water color radiance.

Water Colors

Once you’ve chosen your ideal pool finish texture, you’re ready to select the perfect water color for your dream pool. Our finishes offer an array of amazing pool water colors, ranging from icy light blues to deep ocean blues, emerald greens to rich blacks and grays, Caribbean blues to bright lagoon greens, and much more.

Hover to view sample of finish and Click photo to explore finish & water color.

Aqua Essence

Atlantic Essence

Harbor Essence

Pearl Essence

Aegean Essence

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